Prevention of dental disease is core to all treatment plans provided at Horsforth Dental Practice.

Initial Consultation

A thorough assessment of your oral health is carried out at this stage. Emphasis is placed on areas identified by you as requiring improvements. Following this, in discussion with you, a treatment plan is formulated. Each aspect of the treatment is explained to you and its relevant costs.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

  1. Porcelain Restoration

    Advances in porcelain technology have enabled us to place all ceramic restorations to be placed in the mouth.

    Porcelain onlays are aesthetically superior to silver and gold fillings, and are stronger than white composite fillings.

    All ceramic crowns are aesthetically ideal for anterior teeth. They give a warmer and more natural appearance than the conventional metal ceramic crowns.

  2. Veneers

    Porcelain veneers are placed on the front of a tooth to improve the appearance of a tooth. Veneers can mask discolorations, improve a colour of a tooth or change the shape of a tooth. They are a very conservative restoration as minimal preparation of a tooth is required.

  3. Tooth Whitening

    Tooth whitening has fast become the most popular form of cosmetic dentistry. It is a safe and conservative procedure producing dramatic improvements in the brightness and colour of the teeth.

    Power whitening is a relaxing treatment, which is carried out over a one-hour appointment in surgery. Alternatively, the dentist can provide you with customised trays and whitening gel for you to carry out tooth whitening in the comfort of your own home.

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Routine Dentistry

As General Dental Practitioners, our dentists can assess your treatment requirements and provide all necessary treatment.

Treatments offered at Horsforth Dental Practice covers the entire range from restoration of existing teeth, replacements of missing teeth, smile enhancement, children's dentistry, and periodontal therapy.

During the initial consultation, an assessment is undertaken to evaluate the vitality of the gums and the appropriate periodontal therapy is carried out as part of the overall treatment.

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Preventive Dentistry

Most People will appreciate that preventing disease is better than cure. This philosophy is fundamental to the long-term maintenance of all patients at Horsforth Dental Practice. Our dentists can provide advice and guidance on a number of preventive measures.

  1. Fissure Sealants

    Fissure Sealants cover the fissures on the biting surfaces of the molar teeth and so reduce the likelihood of decay. Fissure sealants are predominantly placed on children's molar teeth but can be used in adults as well.

  2. Fluoride Therapy

    Fluoride increases the resistance of teeth to decay. Fluoride toothpaste, fluoride mouthwashes and in certain cases fluoride therapy is very useful for preventing decay.

  3. Dental X-rays

    At Horsforth Dental Practice, x-rays are taken at regular intervals as guided by the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners. X-rays can demonstrate early stages of decay and gum disease so that appropriate treatments can be provided effectively.

  4. Oral Hygiene Instruction

    Dentists can guide children and adults on the most effective methods of tooth brushing and interdental cleaning. Good oral hygiene habits formed at an early age can prevent decay for an entire lifetime.

  5. Diet Analysis

    Dentists at Horsforth Dental Practice can analyse your dietary habit and provide advice unique to each individual.

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